Cinematography - Editing - Sound Design

GOODDOERS - Kickoff Event

Location Scouting - Video Direction - Branding

Freedom Financial Investments- TV Spot

30 second TV spot for Freedom Financial Investments. 

EVO Knows Eastie 

Only a 10 minute train ride from downtown Boston, "Eastie"  (East Boston) is the premiere location for real estate investing outside the city. 

VIGO Logo White.png

Branding - Creative Direction - Social Media Campaigns

Logo white.png

In-house video production for Volnay Capital and EVO Boston. Social Media campaigns have been hugely influential in building the EVO team from two to over 2-0 agents, selling inventory and building brand awareness. 

Ezekia - Corporate Testimonial Video

Testimonial video for Ezekia, a software company based out of the UK. 

Loon Mountain Bike Park 

2nd cam operator. 

StarLight Square - Cambridge, MA

Event Coverage